О маскотах


Leo Dvushkin and Leo Treshkin

Zenit team is not only players on the floor, but also fans, club employees, support group and, of course, the real favorites of spectators of all ages – dark blue-white-blue lions Dvushkin and Treshkin.


Our mascots support the team and inspire fans during every home game, and sometimes they travel to other cities and even countries to win together with the players!

Dvushkin and Treshkin are brothers who are completely different, but what unites them for sure is a great love for basketball.

If you have been to our games, you are definitely familiar with Dvushkin! The lion is a real star, and he behaves like a star too. The best dancer (shh, don’t tell it to the girls from Zenit Show), constantly looking for a camera to appear in, loves to give “a Five”, and in general loves to be in the limelight and often gets in awkward situations because of this, of which Treshkin has to help him out!

By the way, Dvushkin loves hip-hop and experimenting with his appearance, well, you have already noticed that. And if you want to gain his favor, be sure to bring a donut – it’s the favorite treat of our St. Petersburg lion!

We can talk a lot about our lions, but it’s better to get to know them, dance, hug, tease, take pictures, so we are waiting for you at the games!

Our other character of royal LIONS blood is Treshkin.

A very serious guy, responsible, attentive and sometimes even hard! Though, mainly on Dvushkin… All these qualities help him to fairly rule the pride. Although, everyone who is closer to Treshkin know that he still is a great fan of dancing and basketball!

Treshkin is excellent at growling Zenith’s fan chants and delighting the audience with his grace! If you want to rub shoulders with Treshkin, just know that he is quite a lady-killer – just look into his unique Neva-colored eyes…

Feel free to hug him and take pictures, but be careful, he still is a lion, and he has paws.