Fan movement


The fan movement dates back to November 9, 2014, when three Zenit fans went to Minsk to support new basketball teammates in an organized way during an away match. After returning they united in the 8th sector of the Sibur Arena to cheer for the team in St. Petersburg. Here they found soulmates, together with whom a full-fledged sector of active support was formed. Since then, the movement has continuously grown, and the home stands have never been quiet.

Core message

Since the first year of its existence, the fan sector of Zenit basketball has followed the high culture line. Focus on supporting the club and the team, rather than belittling and insulting rivals, immediately became the core message. Such positive message is pleasing both to ourselves and our team, and allows us to maintain good neighborly relations with other fan movements.

How to get to our sector?

Just come along! It is important for us that you share our ideas and are eager to award the team with your energy. It’s great if you already know the words of the chants, but even if you don’t, you can easily and quickly lean them. Do not forget about the dress code, it is mandatory but very simple: you need to be in dark blue-white-blue colors in the sector. It doesn’t have to be club memorabilia, even a plain white t-shirt will do just fine. But leave the paraphernalia of other clubs for other events, here it is inappropriate, even if the colors are appropriate.

Fan sector mascot

In the 2020/2021 season, there appeared a Grandfather Frost mascot on our sector. He has travelled from the North and means business! He guards our sector and brings good luck to our team at every home game and at many away games.

Road games

Supporting the team outside of their hometown is an essential part of any fan movement, including ours. Almost everywhere, local Zenit fans join the arrivals from St. Petersburg. It is nice to know that the club has friends all over the country and even abroad, and fans of local clubs are often positive towards us.

Drive out! The emotions are brighter and excitement about the team is stronger there, friendship between fans is growing there and stories happen that will be nice to remember.

Love Zenit in yourself, not yourself in Zenit.

Zenit is us!

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