Zenit UOR No. 1 advanced to the “Final Eight” of the Children Youth Basketball League

22 February 2022
Zenit UOR No. 1 advanced to the “Final Eight” of the Children Youth Basketball League

From 15 to 20 February the games of the second round of the Semifinal round of the Children Youth Basketball League were held at the Zenit Basketball Academy.

The Zenit UOR No. 1 team advanced to the final stage of the tournament ahead of schedule. Blue-white took first place in the group and will play in the “Final Eight” CYBL (born in 2004 and younger). On the home floor Zenit UOR No. 1, run by Roman Knyazev, got five victories in five games, beating AltayBasket-Barnaul, MBA, CSKA-CYBL, Khimki-CYBL and Lokomotiv-Kuban-TSOP-CYBL.

Thus, the Zenit boys will continue to perform at the next stage among the 8 best teams of the Children Youth League and will compete for medals.

Group A2 Standings: 1. Zenit-UOR No. 1 – 5/0 (5 wins / 0 losses); 2. MBA – 5/4; 3. Lokomotiv-Kuban- TSOP-CYBL 5/3; 4. CSKA-CYBL – 2/3; 5. Khimki-CYBL – 1/4; 6. AltaiBasket-Barnaul – 0/5.

From 16 to 21 February two more reserve teams of our club, Zenit – Admiralteyskaya and Zenit – Kupchinsky Olympus, had five meetings each in Group B2 within the second round of the Semifinals. Games were also held in St. Petersburg, in the school “Kupchinsky Olympus”. At the end of the tour, the boys took 3rd and 4th places, respectively.

Group B2 Standings: 1. UOR No. 3-CYBL-2005 – 4/1; 2. SShOR for TDFs – 3/2; 3. Zenit – Admiralteyskaya – 3/2; 4. Zenit – Kupchinsky Olympus – 2/3; 5. MBA-Dynamo – 2/3; 6. School “Old Sable” – 1/4.

Now all our teams will have to prove themselves in the third round of the Semifinals. We wish all the Zenit boys good luck in the fight for higher places!