Zenit qualifies for the Russian Cup final beating MBA

17 March 2023
Zenit qualifies for the Russian Cup final beating MBA

This Friday the Final Four of the Russian Cup has finally started for the first time in Saint Petersburg. In the first game of the day, Nizhny Novgorod prevailed over Khimki and became the first finalist of the Cup. Zenit has been set to try to become a second finalists just an hour later.

The game against MBA was anything but an easy ride. The opponents had a great young team full of talent, and Zenit had a right to play with just two foreigners in the cup games. The first half was more or less in Zenit’s favour as our team had +3 at the half. Plus, towards the 3rd quarter MBA players had a lot of personal fouls and were in need to save themselves for the rest of the game.

Though, MBA started shooting really well in the third quarter and closed it up with a 8-0 run, having left to the bench as a leader. But the game was too important for Zenit to just let it off. Our players started the quarter with a 16-2 and finished the game calmly – 87:77.

This Sunday, March 19th, we’re going to play against Pari NN for the title. Let’s go!