Zenit lost to CSKA at the last seconds

13 March 2023
Zenit lost to CSKA at the last seconds

March is always a decisive month in the regular season, but this season is special, and March became even more decisive. Plus, when CSKA is coming to Saint Petersburg it’s always a guarantee of having a great game for the fans.

And they did  have a great game. First minutes were good for Zenit as Karasev and Zubkov scored a 3-pointer each. But the end of the quarter wasn’t much fun for Zenit from the offensive point of view, and CSKA grabbed the leadership +6. They went to +9 in the very beginning of the second quarter, but Zenit got back into the game and cut it to just 3 point at the half.

The third quarter was probably the best for our team as we finally felt the shot, especially Homesley and Frazier. Zenit had +3 going into the fourth quarter, but missed a 7-0 opponents’ run in the beginning of the period and couldn’t prevail – 69:72.

Onto the Russian Cup on March, 17th, against MBA!