Zenit BC forms eco-habits among its fans

21 February 2022
Zenit BC forms eco-habits among its fans

From February 25, specially designed containers for separate waste collection “For a Clean Game and a Clean City” will appear at home games of the Zenit BC. The club implements the eco-initiative with the support of the “Benefit for your city” project of the Baltika Company.

For several seasons, Zenit BC has been implementing a number of environmental projects and participating in the environmental efficiency program of the VTB United League: using sports uniforms made from recycled plastic, biodegradable rattles, and cleaning up areas. In 2021 alone, Club held 5 cleaning days.

One of the most significant initiatives of the club is the construction of a separate waste collection system during the games. Separate waste collection and recycling can reduce the amount of primary raw materials consumed, as well as reduce environmental damage. By joining forces with the fans, Zenit BC plans to contribute to the conservation of the planet’s resources and utilize 100% of the waste generated as a result of the organization’s activities.

Valery Malafeev, Zenit BC Deputy CEO:

During the season, the club uses over 50,000 plastic water bottles and distributes about two tons of rattles at basketball games, and this is only part of the waste that needs to be recycled.

As part of the sustainable development program, in 2020 Baltika collected and recycled 158 thousand tons of PET, aluminum, cullet and waste paper – almost 50% of the total volume of packaging produced by the company in 2020, approaching its goal – by 2022 to provide recycling of at least half of the container in its equivalent.

“Benefit Your City” project has supported eco-education initiatives and promoted a culture of waste management since 2013. As part of the project’s cooperation with Zenit BC, a number of activities and lectures will also be held during the team’s home games, thanks to which fans will be able to answer exciting questions on environmental issues.