Zenit Basketball Club Statement

25 February 2022
Zenit Basketball Club Statement

Basketball should be out of politics

This is a fundamental axiom and must be the basis of any tournament and any competition.  In spite of all the differences in political views and preferences, European clubs are united by the idea and vision of developing basketball across borders, regardless of the political situation. We respect the views of each of the Clubs that are participating in the Euroleague and in the spirit of Voltaire, we are ready to fight for these views to be heard.

Our Club has players, coaches, and specialists from Spain, Greece, Lithuania, the USA, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Belarus, and Russia. We are all united by one big common cause – BASKETBALL.

All of us together, our families and loved ones are going through the current situation and we want to go further towards our common goals and purpose, to compete on the floor with the rest of the Euroleague clubs honestly and nobly.

This is our life and our passion, WE ALL WANT TO PLAY!

The previous draw showed that the Euroleague managed to save and give a new impetus to the development of the tournament during one of the most difficult periods in its history.

We hope for an honorable and non-partisan decision of the meeting of the Euroleague clubs, which will allow the season to continue fully. All three Russian clubs have earned this right with their performance this season. We are confident that BC Zenit, CSKA, and UNICS are ready to continue to prove this exclusively on the basketball court. Politics is about dividing peoples, sport is about bringing different peoples together in the name of common understanding.

Please do not take the short road of politics to division and resentment, but take the longer-term path that creates the grounds for understanding and peace that is fostered in the very ethos of sport in name and spirit!

Alexander Tserkovny