Short-handed Zenit suffers a loss at ALBA Berlin

11 February 2022
Short-handed Zenit suffers a loss at ALBA Berlin

Fourth straight game on the road. The situation was also complicated by the fact that none of the previously injured players had been recovered. 

ALBA – Zenit: 76-67 (-9)

A: Law (15 + 4 assists), Smith (8), Sikma (5 + 5 rebounds), Kumaje (9), Delow (2) – start; Da Silva (0), Schneider (0), Matissek (3), Thimann (8), Blatt (8), Suesman (9 + 7 rebounds), Lammers (9).

Z: Loyd (8 + 8 rebounds + 4 assists), Karasev (0), Kulagin (3 rebounds + 2 assists), Mickey (10), Poythress (6) – start; Carter (0), Baron (18 + 5 assists), Kuzminskas (18 + 5 rebounds), Zubkov (5 + 3 rebounds), Volkhin (0), Pushkov (2).

BC Zenit Head Coach Xavi Pascual:

Congratulations to ALBA on the victory. In this game, our opponent had a better ending than we did. The decisive moment of the game will happen at the end of the third quarter. We were two points ahead and then we got a stupid foul. Two free throws out of the blue, a miss from under the rim and a three-pointer buzzer. After that, we couldn’t help ourselves. We didn’t improve on offense and defense. The game as a whole was even, but with a lead of 5 points in favor of Alba, we began to smear our balls from all distances. The game on our part went with insufficient energy. It’s unfortunate, but this is the reality at the moment.

Next game

On February 14, in Poland, Zenit will play against Zielona Gora in the VTB United League. The next home game of Zenit in the Euroleague will be played on February 25 against Barcelona. Tickets are on sale at