First win in Spain!

2 February 2022
First win in Spain!

Zenit gets a big comeback win over Baskonia to keep the fourth spot in the Euroleague standings!

Baskonia – Zenit: 82-90 (+8)

B: Granger (13), Enoch (15 + 8 rebounds), Gedraitis (14), Fontecchio (8 + 5 rebounds), Baldwin (16) – start; Costello (2), Barrera (0), Marinkovic (0), Rayeste (0), Peters A. (7), Peters L. (7), Kuruks (0).

Z: Loyd (23 + 7 rebounds), Karasev (6), Kulagin (8), Mickey (16), Poythress (7) – start; Carter (2), Baron (24), Zakharov (0), Kuzminskas (3), Zubkov (0).

BC Zenit Head Coach Xavier Pascual:

– Thank you all! We are very happy with the victory, as we defeated a team that never gives up. In the first 20 minutes, we played as softly as possible under the rim, which is one of the reasons why Baskonia threw with an accuracy of 77 percent in the first half. In the second half we started to play harder and more confidently. In the third quarter we took the lead, which was the turning point in the game. Then we tried not to make mistakes and play our game as much as possible.

BC Zenit guard Billy Baron:

– Very tired after this game. We played ten of us, so the pressure was big. Losing 6-7 points, we managed to get back into the game and win. Let someone say that I threw crazy balls, but I was allowed to throw them, and the team believed in me. This is a team victory, it cannot be otherwise!

Next game

On February 4, in Madrid, Zenit will play against Real Madrid in the Euroleague. The next home game of Zenit in the Euroleague will be played on February 25 against Barcelona. Tickets on sale at