Zenit ties the score in the series. The miracle basketball continues!

2 June 2022
Zenit ties the score in the series. The miracle basketball continues!

Zenit led by Xavi Pascual made the 2-0 run to tie the score 3-3 in the final series against defending champion CSKA Moscow. It was a feat done in front of full house at the Petersburg arena!

Zenit – CSKA: 82-63 (+19)

Z: Loyd (9 +9 assists), Buckner (2), Karasev (9), Mickey (17 + 6 rebounds), Carter (6) – start; Fridzon (6), Poitress (8 + 8 rebounds), Baron (11), Zakharov (6), Zubkov (3), Monia (1), Vyaltsev (DNP).

C: Ware (9), Milutinov (14 + 8 rebounds), Antonov (10), Shved (14 + 6 rebounds + 5 assists), Kurbanov (3 rebounds) – start; Kolesnikov (DNP), Khomenko (played 2 minutes), Freeman (5), Ukhov (2), Clyburn (9), Lopatin (played 2 minutes), Jerebko (1 rebound).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

This is a victory for all the fans who came to today’s game and supported us all season. I think that by playing this season we deserved to win another victory. This is the last game of the season at home, and we were able to win it and tie the score. It’s fantastic! We are going to win the next game. It was difficult to play in the first half, we could not fully control the rhythm, it was difficult to switch from defense to offense, but at the beginning of the fourth quarter we managed to make a good breakthrough. We created the necessary advantage and eventually achieved victory. The atmosphere in this series is, if not higher, then exactly at the level of the best Euroleague series in which I participated. I have a lot of calls and messages from Europe right now, including other coaches calling, they are watching this series and saying that this is something incredible. As I said in Moscow, it’s great that a lot of children are watching this series. After such games, they might become basketball fans.

Next game

The decisive Game 7 of the VTB United League Finals will be played on June 5 at the Megasport Sports Palace (Moscow).