Heroic win in Moscow to force Game 6!

30 May 2022
Heroic win in Moscow to force Game 6!

Zenit grabbed a big victory from CSKA to return final series back to St. Petersburg.

CSKA – Zenit: 95-97 (+2)

C: Ware (14 + 6 assists), Milutinov (15 + 10 rebounds), Antonov (1 rebound), Shved (32 + 8 assists), Kurbanov (10 + 8 rebounds) – start; Kolesnikov (DNP), Khomenko (DNP), Freeman (6), Ukhov (1 steal), Clyburn (15), Lopatin (DNP), Jerebko (3).

Z: Loyd (14 + 8 rebounds + 9 assists), Buckner (2), Karasev (10), Mickey (11 + 5 rebounds), Carter (11) – start; Fridzon (3), Poythress (16 + 5 rebounds), Baron (21), Zakharov (2), Zubkov (5 rebounds), Monia (7), Vialtsev (DNP).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

The game is like the previous one, when both teams played the best basketball in defense and offense. We gave the world another basketball performance on the floor. In the first half it was difficult for us to feel the game. In the second half, we gradually returned and began to break away. In the last part, CSKA began to play great offense and played back the gap, but everything ended favorably for us. It was another thriller that ended well for us. There is time to recover and prepare for the sixth match of the series. As I said, for the first time in my career I am playing the final series of seven matches. I’m sure the fans really like it.

Next game

Game 6 of the VTB United League final series will be played on June 2 at SIBUR Arena (St. Petersburg). Tickets on sale