Zenit crushed CSKA in front of Petersburg fans!

25 May 2022
Zenit crushed CSKA in front of Petersburg fans!

Xavi Pascual’s Zenit got a confident win over CSKA Moscow at home to reduce score in the Final series 1-2.

Zenit – CSKA: 93-79 (+14)

Z: Loyd (14 + 8 assists), Buckner (4), Karasev (19 + 4 rebounds), Mickey (23), Carter (5) – start; Fridzon (1 rebound), Poythress (3), Baron (11 + 6 assists), Zakharov (10), Zubkov (2), Monia (1 blockshot), Vialtsev (2).

C: Ware (8), Milutinov (14 + 12 rebounds), Antonov (3), Shved (8 + 5 assists), Kurbanov (5) – start; Kolesnikov (1 steal), Khomenko (2), Freeman (12), Ukhov (3), Clyburn (14 + 7 rebounds), Lopatin (DNP), Jerebko (10).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Thanks to all the fans who came to the arena today. It was an incredible support. In the first half of the meeting, both teams showed very effective and high-quality basketball. Today, both teams showed an excellent percentage of three-point shots. We managed to achieve a small advantage by the big break. In the second half we kept the score and won this important victory. Kulagin didn’t feel very well, so he couldn’t play. We will find out the situation with him in the near future. We managed to restrain the opponent’s leaders and impose our game. The next match will be very important for the two teams. Depending on the result of the game on Friday, the further fate of the series will be clear.

Next game

The fourth match of the VTB United League final series will be held on June 27 at SIBUR Arena. Tickets on the website