0-2 in Moscow. Army team was stronger again

22 May 2022
0-2 in Moscow. Army team was stronger again

Zenit couldn’t catch up CSKA in the fourth quarter. Final series moves to St. Petersburg.

CSKA – Zenit 82-73 (-9)

C: Ware (14), Milutinov (16 + 17 rebounds), Antonov (10), Shved (17 + 7 assists), Kurbanov (1 assist) – start; Kolesnikov (DNP), Khomenko (played 1 minute), Freeman (DNP), Ukhov (1 rebound), Clyburn (19), Lopatin (DNP), Zherebko (6).

Z: Loyd (6 + 9 assists), Buckner (2), Monia (2 assists), Mickey (6), Kulagin (9) – start; Karasev (20), Carter (2), Fridzon (4), Poythress (9 + 11 rebounds), Baron (5), Zakharov (2), Zubkov (8).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Congratulations to CSKA on the victory. We looked better in this game than in the first meeting. In general, we were not effective in free throws. In the third quarter, the score was 42-40, and we had a chance to tie the game. At the same time, we fought until the last seconds. In these two games, the difference in fouls is significantly in favor of CSKA, and this is what we need to fix in the next games. It is clear that our team is inferior to our rivals in size, but we have to find ways to cope with this.