Zenit makes VTB League Finals!

13 May 2022
Zenit makes VTB League Finals!

Historic moment. Zenit led by Xavi Pascual beat UNICS in Game 4 and advanced to the VTB League Finals for the first time in club’s history.

UNICS – Zenit 69-75 (+6)

U: Brown (19 + 6 rebounds), Hezonja (15 + 11 rebounds), Klimenko (1), Vorontsevich (10), Zhbanov (4) – start; Zaitcev (2 assists), Uzinsky (DNP), Spissu (DNP), Shakic (2), Mosley (16 + 10 rebounds), Johnson (1 rebound), Komolov (2).

Z: Loyd (22), Poythress (10 + 7 rebounds), Monia (1 block shot), Mickey (11 + 5 rebounds), Kulagin (3) – start; Karasev (6), Carter (3), Fridzon (DNP), Buckner (1 rebound), Baron (18), Vialtsev (played 1 minute), Zubkov (2).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Congratulations to UNICS on a really good season, which is being conducted by Velimir Perasovic and all the players of the team. It was a complicated series. Sometimes I thought that this playoff series similar to the level of the Euroleague. Today was another difficult game. At the beginning of the meeting, we missed the opponent a little ahead, but gradually caught up. The last minutes of the second quarter were very important, and they stayed with us. We had a chance to get ahead, but we couldn’t cope with such an important detail as the rebound in defense. In the end, we managed to win. Congratulations to all the fans!

Next game

The first game of the VTB United League final series against CSKA will take place on May 20 in Moscow. The first home game of the finals will be played on May 25 at the SIBUR Arena. Tickets on .