Zenit takes a lead in the series against UNICS

11 May 2022
Zenit takes a lead in the series against UNICS

Zenit claims a fantastic win over UNICS in Game 3 to take a lead in the semifinal series 2-1. Next game will be played on May 13 in Kazan.

UNICS – Zenit 67-68 (+1)

U: Brown (21), Hezonya (14 + 8 rebounds), Klimenko (1), Vorontsevich (13 + 7 rebounds), Zhbanov (1 rebound) – start; Zaitsev (2), Uzinsky (DNP), Mayo (5), Shakic (2 rebounds), Mosley (9), Johnson (2), Komolov (DNP).

Z: Loyd (5), Poyjress (18 + 8 rebounds + 4 steals), Monia (2), Mickey (14 + 6 rebounds), Kulagin (9 + 5 assists) – start; Karasev (8 + 5 rebounds), Carter (1), Fridzon (1 rebound), Buckner (played 5 minutes), Baron (8), Vialtsev (played 3 minutes), Zubkov (3).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

We are happy with this victory. It was a typical playoff game. In the last attack, we played isolation for Billy, and it brought results. In the return possession, we decided to leave the opponent one-on-one, but in the end the ball ended up with Mayo. At such moments, the throw may or may not score. In general, we didn’t have so many mistakes in defense and offense, but we would still like to reduce them. I think that both teams will look for their rhythm in the next game, and whoever performs better in the second half will win the battle.