Next stop semifinals!

28 April 2022
Next stop semifinals!

Zenit gets a confident victory over Enisey Krasnoyarsk in Game 3 and makes VTB League semifinals!

Enisey – Zenit: 55-82 (+27)

E: Yakushin (7), Gudumak (2), Gerasimov (15 + 6 assists), Balashov (11 + 6 rebounds), Viktorov (1 steal) – start; Thompson (4), Motovilov (1), Trushkin (13), Sonko (2), Vinnik (DNP).

Z: Zakharov (8), Poytress (18), Karasev (11), Mickey (11 + 6 rebounds), Kulagin (2) – start; Monya (played 1 minute), Carter (14 + 6 rebounds + 7 assists), Volkhin (1 rebound), Fridzon (5 + 4 assists), Buckner (5 + 2 rebounds), Vyaltsev (played 15 minutes), Zubkov (8).

Zenit BC Head Coach Xavier Pascual:

We are very glad that we were able to win this not the easiest series and reach the next round of the playoffs. I would like to congratulate Enisey and their coach on the work they have done this season. Speaking about today’s game, I’m not happy with everything. Step by step we built the game. In attack, we did not have the best percentage of three-point shots, however, we controlled the selection for most of the game, made a very small number of mistakes. But I’m happy with the team’s defensive performance. I am very glad that we won and advanced to the next round.

Next game

The VTB United League semifinal series for Zenit will begin on May 6. Tickets on sale for