Moving to Krasnoyarsk with two wins!

25 April 2022
Moving to Krasnoyarsk with two wins!

In a hard struggle, we take the second victory over the Enisey and go to Krasnoyarsk!

Zenit – Enisey: 83-75 (+8)

Z: Zakharov (3), Poitress (23 + 10 rebounds), Karasev (9 + 5 rebounds), Mickey (21), Kulagin (3) – start; Monia (played 2 minutes), Carter (6), Volkhin (1 block shot), Fridzon (2), Baron (14), Pushkov (1 selection), Zubkov (2).

E: Yakushin (3), Gudumak (5), Gerasimov (8), Balashov (4), Viktorov (4) – start; Thompson (19 + 10 rebounds), Motovilov (14), Trushkin (15 + 7 rebounds), Sonko (3), Mitusov (2), Vinnik (DNP).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Congratulations to the fans on this victory. They really like such games. We knew that another team would come out against us today, as the Enisey coach promised, and that’s how it happened. Not everything worked out for us today, but we were up against a team charged with fighting. Today we were far from ideal in the percentage of three-pointers, but we still managed to bring the game to victory. With the score 2:0 we are preparing for the game in Krasnoyarsk.

Next game

Third leg of the VTB League quarterfinals against Enisey will be on April 28 in Krasnoyarsk.