Amazing start in the VTB League playoffs!

23 April 2022
Amazing start in the VTB League playoffs!

Zenit had no problems against Enisey Krasnoyarsk in the first leg of VTB League quarterfinals!

Zenit – Enisey: 104-55 (+49)

Z: Zakharov (6), Poytress (13), Karasev (19), Miki (12), Kulagin (8 + 6 assists) – start; Monya (5), Carter (5), Zakharov (3), Volkhin (11 + 5 rebounds), Fridzon (10), Baron (9), Pushkov (1 selection).

E: Yakushin (9), Gudumak (played 10 minutes), Gerasimov (5), Thompson (2), Viktorov (2) – start; Balashov (4), Motovilov (18), Trushkin (7 + 5 rebounds), Sonko (6), Mitusov (2), Vinnik (2 assists).

Xavi Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Congratulations to all the fans on this victory. I saw a lot of kids in the arena. It’s always nice for any coach to see the youngest fans who love basketball. We played very seriously from the first minute of the game. From the first quarter we increased our advantage and confidently played the whole game. The playoffs are the time when every game starts all over again, so Monday will be a completely different game. So far, it’s 1-0, but we won’t stop until we have three wins in the series. We had a difficult preparatory week. Unfortunately, Loyd couldn’t take part in the game. I hope that his injury will allow him to play next time.

Next game

Zenit will play the second leg against Enisey on April 25. Tickets are on sale