Zenit moves back to the second seed in the VTB League

4 April 2022
Zenit moves back to the second seed in the VTB League

Great win against closely-ranked Lokomotiv Kunan in front Petersburg fans to climb back to the second place in the United League.

Zenit – Lokomotiv Kuban (Krasnodar): 91-75 (+16)

Z: Loyd (14 + 5 assists), Poythress (12 + 4 rebounds), Karasev (7 + 3 steals), Mickey (16 + 6 rebounds), Kulagin (8) – start; Monya (1 rebound), Carter (6), Carver (4 + 3 rebounds), Zakharov (played 3 minutes), Zubkov (2), Fridzon (8 + 7 rebounds), Baron (14 + 6 gears).

L: Motley (16 + 5 rebounds), Ilnitsky (2 rebounds), Martyuk (6 + 10 rebounds), (17), Burford (13), McCollum (12 + 4 rebounds + 5 assists) – start; Shcherbenev (4), Kalinov (2), Dolinin (played 2 minutes), Paunich (8), Vedishchev (13), Emchenko (1 + 3 rebounds), Sychkov (1 rebound).

Xavier Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Thanks to all the fans who fulfilled the arena tonight. Without them it would be difficult to play today. In this game, two teams showed a high pace from the first minute and tried to keep it until the end of the game. We managed to make the difference in the score and win the overall victory. We made unnecessary turnovers, which were caused by offensive fouls. I am also unhappy with the rebounding game on our boards. Teams at the top of the standings have further strengthened by adding several players to their rosters. We are preparing for Tsmoki-Minsk and the upcoming playoffs.We are happy to win over such a serious opponent as Lokomotiv Kuban.

Next game

Zenit will play the next VTB United League game on April 13 against Tsmoki-Minsk. Tickets on sale at