Zenit missed a win against CSKA in Moscow

14 March 2022
Zenit missed a win against CSKA in Moscow

Both opponents deserved that win. But the Army team was lucky at the end.

CSKA -–Zenit: 79-78 (-1)

C: Shved (25 + 10 rebounds + 8 assists), Milutinov (9 + 10 rebounds), Antonov (17), Kurbanov (9 + 8 rebounds), Khomenko (2 rebounds), – start; Ware (14), Umrikhin (DNP), Ukhov (3), Ivlev (2), Evseev (DNP), Gafurov (0), Lopatin (0).

Z: Zubkov (2 + 5 rebounds + 3 steals), Kulagin (17 + 4 assists), Zakharov (7), Carver (3 rebounds), Karasev (2 rebounds) – start; Loyd (20 + 6 rebounds + 6 assists), Poythress (14), Baron (8 + 2 steals), Kulagin (18), Volkhin (DNP), Ponitka (7 + 3 rebounds + 3 assists), Monia (3), Fridzon (DNP).

Xavier Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

Congratulations to CSKA on the victory. It was a game that both teams could win. In general, it was a good game, which was decided by one selection. In this component, we failed to realize ourselves in this meeting. It was a very difficult game: we did not control all the martial arts, not everything worked out in defense, there were problems with turnovers. I repeat once again that both teams could have won this game. In basketball, coaches can’t talk about things that are out of control. We are working and preparing for the next game.

Sergey Karasev, Zenit BC Forward:

It was a tough game, but interesting for the fans. We tried and fought until the last possession. There were chances to win until the last second, all the guys who just arrived gave their best. We are preparing for a tough game against UNICS. We have a great relationship with the players and a good teamwork, so even after such a break, we understand each.

Next game

On March 21, Zenit is going to play at UNICS Kazan in the VTB United League

The next home meeting of Zenit will be also in the VTB United League against Lokomotiv Kuban on April 4. Tickets on sale for