Zenit climbs to the second spot by beating Parma in the VTB League

6 March 2022
Zenit climbs to the second spot by beating Parma in the VTB League

It was supposed to be a very interesting game cause both teams played with highly unusual rosters.

Zenit – PARMA-PARIMATCH: 82-75 (+7)

Z: Zubkov (17 + 8 rebounds), Volkhin (6), Zakharov (10 + 4 assists), Karvanen (3), Karasev (18) – start; Bokarev (DNP), Toptunov (2), Kulagin (18), Carver (8 + 9 rebounds), Kulagin (11 + 4 rebounds), Zemsky (DNP), Monya (5 + 5 rebounds), Fridzon (2 + 4 assists).

P: Voronov (19), Zabelin (16), Sheiko (8), Klementiev (0), Likhodey (16), – start; Platunov (11), Tuchkov (DNP), Shestakov (did not play), Zhmako (4), Perevalov (0), Kurov (2).

Xavier Pascual, Zenit BC Head Coach:

We are very pleased with this victory, a difficult preparatory week turned out for all the teams. For 30 minutes we played very well, but in the last quarter we stopped. I would like to congratulate the players on their victory, as well as note all the newcomers to the team. It seems to me that we played normally, but the most important thing is that we won. We understand the path in which we must go further in order to continue to win. With any roster of players, a professional coach must look for ways to win. In the fourth quarter, we stopped scoring points, so we had to find other options to attack. The players of the youth team have been training with the main team all week. Pavel Zemskiy and Mikhail Bokarev got into the final squad tonight. I am sure that they and other young players will have a chance to prove themselves in the next games.