Latest news about the situation in the team

28 February 2022
Latest news about the situation in the team

Today, before a scheduled practice session, at a meeting of the main team and Zenit BC management, an appeal was heard from foreign players about the possibility of leaving the club’s location due to the current difficulties in air traffic between countries and the orders of states for their citizens to leave the territory of the Russian Federation.

Based on the results of the meeting, part of the players decided to leave the the club for a period up to the normalization of the situation. This decision of the players is not provided for by contractual obligations, but the club treats this situation with understanding. The status of labor relations will be adjusted to reflect the future format of the competition in both leagues.

After the normalization of the world situation, the club is waiting for the players to return to St. Petersburg and join the team.

The remaining players of the main team, under the guidance of the coaching staff, continue to train and prepare for the next games.